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The Glitch Sound of Kraddy



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup

     Kraddy has been a formative producer in the new West Coast sound of dubstep/glitch/electro.

    His storied past blends quite well with his fans. Since his departure with The Glitch Mob, Kraddy’s solo endeavors have been quite successful. The release of his second album, "The Illegal Album," Kraddy has proven that his distinct talents are limitless and his intuitive ability to carve beats are focused on pure technique and storytelling.

    The sophomore collection of hip hop and dance hall remixes are a clinic of unrelenting technical control.

    Rather than promoting the album by touring, Kraddy thinks of it the other way around. On a phone interview, Kraddy is as smart as he is skilled.

    “I promote the album to tour. Putting out the music, people just wanna see the live show I feel like… Set up, jump in, play beats and do live effects. Try to make it as interactive as possible.”

    His interactive elements are already known among a visceral underground following that’s becoming more main stream.

    “I’m into glitch as technique not as a genre. Song writing. Writing tunes that tell a story and bring people somewhere that’s powerful and rising.”

    Kraddy’s focus on continued ground breaking work and evolving as an artist sums up his success.

    For fans of music that’s refreshing.