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The Monkees in "Head"



    The Monkees in "Head"
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    Davy Jones, along with fellow Monkee Peter Tork, appears at a screening of "Head" on Wednesday, November 12, in Hollywood.

    The Monkees, while they were zinging punchlines and goofing off on their much-loved, four-crazy-guys-against-the-world '60s sitcom, held bigger aspirations. They wanted to make a movie, and they did, and Jack Nicholson co-wrote it, and Frank Zappa was in it, and so was Dennis Hopper, along with a veritable rainbow of stars of song and screen. "Head" was the final result, and, while some fans were taken aback -- the movie was different from, and darker than, the loopy TV series -- the film captured psychedelia and the counter-culture movement of the late '60s in a way few works of the times did.

    That's seriously bold. Our hats off to The Monkees for hopping off that "Last Train to Clarksville" for something that challenged their successful, squeaky-clean image. No knocks to that image, of course, as we completely dig the series, which continues to snag fans decades later. And no surprise why, really. Excellent pop tuneage, wacky misunderstandings, and Mickey Dolenz? Hello.

    Now Peter Tork and Davy Jones -- Peter and Davy! -- are appearing at the Egyptian to talk (and screen) "Head," and consider all the accolades and controversies that surrounded it. American Cinematheque is also showing rare episodes of "The Monkees" as part of the evening, which marks the 40th anniversary of the band's madcap adventures in cinema. Wednesday, November 12, 7:30PM. $10. The Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood. 323-466-3456