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Tilda Swinton Twofer



    Tilda Swinton Twofer
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    See the Oscar-winning actress at AFI FEST 2008 tonight, or American Cinematheque's screening of "Julia" on Friday.

    Oscar-winning actor Tilda Swinton is in town, making not one but two appearances around Los Angeles this week. Tonight, the American Film Institute fetes the much-lauded British star at the ArcLight Hollywood. Part of the AFI FEST 2008, the Tilda Swinton Tribute looks back at the bold chances and less-than-safe roles the actor has taken throughout her career (we've spoken often of our affection for "Orlando," a film in which Swinton traveled time and switched genders in thrilling fashion). Envelope-pushing indies? She practically owns 'em. 

    Speaking of envelopes, we would do a disservice not to mention that Swinton recently won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in "Michael Clayton," a film that, while not exactly an independent, flirted with smaller-film sensibilities (another recent offering that straddled the indie/major world, "Burn After Reading," also starred the actress). But tonight's honoree has also looked beyond the offbeat films to star in major productions like two "Chronicles of Narnia" films (she twirled and scowled as the brittle-but-beautiful White Witch).

    If you can't make it to the AFI FEST, American Cinematheque is screening "Julia" this Friday; the actress makes an appearance at the screening.

    Tilda Swinton Tribute
    Wednesday, November 5, 8PM
    ArcLight Hollywood, 6360 W. Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood

    American Cinematheque presents "Julia" with appearance by Tilda Swinton
    Friday, November 7, 7:30PM
    The Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood