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Tonight: "A Small Act"

The documentary screens, for free, at The Hammer.



    Tonight: "A Small Act"
    A Small Act
    Chris Mburu from "A Small Act"

    "A SMALL ACT": We'd say this documentary, which details how good can come from meaningful, everyday efforts, is the perfect watch for the start of the year. But really, we should be thinking those things at the start, middle, and the close of the year, and all the days in-between. The Hammer is screening it, for free, at 7 p.m., and there will be a Q&A with the filmmakers, too.

    "STORIES BY HEART": John Lithgow, on stage, all by his own Lithgow-lonesome, for just over a month (well, most nights, most days of the week, that is; even an actor needs sleep). We'd say "what's not to like?" here, but we feel that goes unsaid. Mr. Lithgow's tale-filled run starts at the Mark Taper tonight.

    "FANTASTIC PLANET": This animated '70s wonder surprises with every new viewing. But a first viewing? Well, that is a treat indeed, if you enjoy odd journeys that were years in the making. Oh, and that have a live, in-theater score (Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound is playing the music tonight). And we can't leave without quoting the Cinefamily, which notes the film's "wah-wah-heavy psych-funk." Yummy. Silent Movie Theatre, 8 p.m.