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Tonight: Miley Cyrus at House of Blues

She's kicking off the "Can't Be Tamed" tour.



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    Miley Cyrus is at HOB Sunset Strip on Monday, June 21.

    MILEY CYRUS: "Hannah Montana" is wrapping up. "The Last Song" is due on DVD at the close of summer. And tomorrow? The "Can't Be Tamed" album is released. Tonight Ms. Miley is at House of Blues Sunset Strip for what's billed as the "premiere concert" for the record. 5:30 p.m.

    LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL: Screening tonight: Davis Guggenheim's education investigation "Waiting for Superman"; the Portland-set "Cold Weather" looks plenty gumshoe-y and full of gumption, too. There are over a dozen things to see tonight, at the Regal. Everything you need is here.

    OSCAR NOIR: This fine and chilling Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences series continues with "The Killers." It's listed as sold out but we see several Monday noirs to come that are not. So now is the time to book book book. If you're going tonight, the show's at 7 p.m. at the Wilshire HQ.

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