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Trend Watch: The Jell-O Mold

Charles Phoenix gives a tasty tip.



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    Charles Phoenix
    Charles Phoenix and a Jell-O flag cake from Amapola Deli & Market in Downey.

    It's a rare thing that you can get helpful and interesting information from something that a) you didn't get to go to and b) is already over.

    But then Charles Phoenix, our local favorite funny pop culture maven, has a bit of magic to him. And when he sent out a photograph of an American flag done up in Jell-O -- a treat he served to the people on his March 27 "Up with Downey" tour -- we felt like we'd gotten the offbeat food tip we didn't even know we needed.

    What is there to say? It is a flag. Done in gelatin. Perfection.

    Here's the Jell-O mold source: Amapola Deli & Market in Downey (there are a few Amapolas around the area). Because while treat trends come and go in this city -- the cupcake tower is always a welcome sight -- there is always that avant garde host looking for the next surprising sweet to serve at the big summer barbecue.

    Jell-O in the shape of things could be that surprise. We'd thought the next trend might be flan -- say, a flan waterfall -- a flanfall? -- but we are more than happy to check out all the jiggly molds at Amapola.

    Thanks, Charles Phoenix.