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Turtle Love at Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum celebrates a RAAD event.



    Turtle Love at Natural History Museum
    Natural History Museum
    The Natural History Museum's Reptile & Amphibian Appreciation Day is on Sunday, Oct. 3.

    All cultural institutions everywhere -- well, most, anyway -- are always out there, fighting the good fight, enlightening us and spotlighting those areas that deserve more recognition and accoladery.

    The Natural History Museum's fighting-the-good-fight role is doubly large this month. Consider that they're going to the front lines with the eepiest-creepiest of creatures, at least in many humans' eyes: the spider. The museum's annual Spider Pavilion just debuted for 2010 on Sunday, Sept. 26.

    Now the museum is going one better with a tribute to "the slimy and scaly" (to quote NHM) on Sunday, Oct. 3. That's Reptile and Amphibian Appreciation Day at the museum, or RAAD, if you prefer. We prefer.

    What will be there? All manner of snakeage and turtleage and skinks. Skinks! We do not indulge in skinkery as often as we should, and that probably goes for many of us. There will be lectures and tunes and lots of creatures visiting the museum for the day, including several exotics.

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    Also, if you're looking into adopting something snake-y, there will be tips. RAAD.