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"Twilight" Chitchat with Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg

She's visiting the WGA to chat all things "Twilight" and beyond.



    "Twilight" Chitchat with Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg
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    "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg talks at the WGA on Tuesday, July 13.

    Those mondo, sign-waving "Twilight" premieres?

    They charm. And while it is a gas to see photos of the stars on the red carpet, and all those gajillion screaming fans, we also look for a picture or two of screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg.

    Because she deserves the props. She's not un-prop-bestowed, for sure, but given that she's been the screenwriter behind all of the "Twilight" movies -- and "Breaking Dawn" to come -- Ms. Rosenberg gets all the kudos that can be kudo'd-out.

    It's a plum job in the too-often plum-free writing world, but she's handled it with aplomb. And she'll be talking about her aplombity, and working on the "Twilight" scripts, at the Writers Guild on Tuesday, July 13.

    A ticket is $20. There's dessert promised, too. And note, this is the WGA, on Third, not the theater on Doheny.

    FYI, out-of-town "Twilighters" -- this is a streaming-online-live deal. Details.

    Will there be questions about the still-in-the-works, multi-parter "Breaking Dawn"? Betting high. But someone, please, ask about "Dexter." She's worked on that fine if foul show. Let's mix it up just a tad.