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Twitterers Go Global, Party for a Good Cause



    Twitterers Go Global, Party for a Good Cause
    Twestival LA
    A Twitter team took to the Santa Monica streets to raise awareness about the need for clean drinking water. Help the cause at Twestival 2009 on Thursday, February 12.

    Thousands of us are constantly summing up our moments in a handful of characters or less on Twitter, that minutia-loving, see-it-now service that makes traditional blogs look as large and lumbering as some ancient land mammal. And it doesn't take that many characters to write out that much of the world needs clean drinking water, an urgent and serious matter that the Twittering community has taken to heart (and to their keyboards, phones and Blackberrys).

    Twestival 2009, a gathering of tweeters from points everywhere, raises money for communities needing safe, drinkable water through charity:water, while bringing out a host of entertainment luminaries and other guests to lend time, comedy, and song to the to-do. The LA party, which is happening at 740 Club, promise an appearance by internet sensation Tay Zonday ("Chocolate Rain") and comedian Joe Rogan, among other performers.

    Whether you tweet or just get tweeted, you're welcome at this high-profile, highly important bash.

    Twestival 2009
    Thursday, February 12, 8PM
    740 Club, 753 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles