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"Venice" in Culver City



    "Venice" in Culver City
    Craig Schwartz
    "Venice" is at the Kirk Douglas through Nov. 14, 2010.

    There are those who stand on the periphery of musicals, believing that they, for the most part, involve flouncy skirts and singing about the moon. And they can't speak to anyone under 25. And they believe that musicals can't effectively goose change, social or otherwise.

    But we're of the mindset that those of that mindset tend to be small in number, and in fact, can switch course on this matter when presented with one really electrifying, non-flouncy-skirt-moon-staring musical. A good candidate here would be "Venice," which has several non-traditional, trés-exciting things going for it.

    Like, it is set in the future, not a common place for stories set on stage and sung. That there's a big nod to hip-hop, as well as other genres that deserve a bigger presence in traditional theater. And it actively welcomes teens to its audience, something more musicals should (and often do) strive for.

    Brothers and war and community and strife and change are some of the themes; check out the video for an excellent taste of the music and vibe. "Venice" opened in previews on Oct. 7, and has its official opening night at the Kirk Douglas in Culver City on Sunday, Oct. 17.

    And, all that said, we still stand as a lover of flouncy-skirted singing. Especially when flouncy skirts are paired with futuristic intrigue. Food for thought.