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Wanted: Pictures of You Watching "Lost"

The Paley is compiling pictures of "Lost" watchers.



    Wanted: Pictures of You Watching "Lost"
    Did you snap a picture of yourself during the "Lost" finale? The Paley Center wants it.

    Were there tears streaming down your cheeks, a la some of the audience members at Jimmy Kimmel's post-"Lost" wrap-up? Or would you say you had more of a look of shock during the show? A wry grin?

    When an institution devoted to media study asks viewers to send in photos of themselves experiencing a major television event, you know that major television event is more major-y than most. Such was the case with the final "Lost," which aired on Sunday, May 23.

    Now the Paley Center for Media will be posting pictures submitted by "Lost" fans. Pictures of reactions to big reveals and touching moments. Photos of people on couches, bowls of chips in laps, gasping.

    The photos will be posted on Monday, May 24. Watch this space.

    We're already thinking there will be several images inspired by a certain pet. Do we need to put "spoiler alert" even?