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Weekend: Enter the Digital Darkroom

How'd they shoot that? Find out at the Digital Darkroom exhibit



    Boat parades, Santas gone wild and an exploration of photography and technology. (Published Friday, Dec. 16, 2011)

    DIGITAL DARKROOM: No doubt about it, the Annenberg Space for Photography is about as avant garde and as cutting edge as a place that exhibits photos can be. But with the institution's newest show they do go a step, or five, further. Why? The images are all about where art meets tech. Let the wowza ensue. Opens Saturday, Dec. 17

    BOAT PARADES: Newport Beach or Naples Island? Well, honest, if you're a big enough fan of the fancy, all-lit-up Christmas boat parade, you can do both. Naples gets rolling -- or, um, floating, rather -- on Saturday, Dec. 17 (and only Dec. 17, note), while the 103rd Newport Beach procession wends nightly through Sunday, Dec. 18. Our favorite part? The on-deck Santa'd captains waving from afar. A festive fishy motif doesn't hurt, either.

    SANTACON: It's a worldwide phenom. How worldwide-y and phenom-ish, you ask? Gaggles of revelers bedecked in their Kris Kringle best take to various city streets and modes of public transport to raise a glass of nog and carol. Santacon has gotten so big that now even our own city sports three party spots. Those spots? Hollywood, Arroyo Seco/Gold Line, and Redondo Beach. Or "Rein-dondo" Beach, rather. Yep. Saturday, Dec. 17

    ED ASNER TALKS "UP": What more do you need to know? A great actor, a great animated film -- heck, a great film -- and a Sunday matinee in the thick of the holiday season. True, "UP" isn't a holiday film, per se, but no film has more balloons per square screen inch. So that's festive. Sunday, Dec. 18 at the Aero

    FREE FILM FUNDRAISER: Cinefamily at Silent Movie throws a 24-hour telethon. You can watch online or head to Fairfax and be in the "studio audience" (there are audience turnover times, so check the schedule). Celeb-y types will be spinning plates or doing things similar to spinning plates. Dec. 17-18, noon to noon