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Weekend: "Star Wars" in Concert

Light sabers and Vader-y breathing will sound at the Bowl, hot-air balloons paired with wine in Temecula



    "STAR WARS" IN CONCERT: Some scores gently sneak up on a listener and woo them well into the film, but that most definitely and absolutely is not the music of the multi-part epic that's become a way of life for many fans. From the first "dah-dah-dah" you're on board and moving at light speed. Hear all that "dah-dah-dah"-ness live, accompanied by clips, at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, June 4.

    GILMORE AUTO SHOW: The Saturday, June 4 stroll-and-envy car extravaganza is not only a Farmers Market tradition, but it speaks of the corner's, and LA's, gas-powered history. The pretty cars on display this year will be of the multi-hued variety. Get ready for wow-factor and some bazzle-madazzle. (And get ready to get in free, too.)

    TEMECULA VALLEY BALLOON AND WINE FESTIVAL: It's big, it is popular, it attracts big acts like Third Eye Blind, it attracts a bevy of local vineyards and restaurants, and all of those sky-floating beauties, too. Things are going on pretty much from dawn into the night from June 3 through 5. Eye the schedule before hitting the road.

    PEDAL PARTY: Do you know your LA River? Do know the birds that call it home, and where to find the parts that aren't completely concrete but are rather river-like and wild? The annual LA River Ride is a fine chance to get closer to our amazing artery. Plus, there are different routes for different riders. Sunday, June 5.

    The Scene: The Weekend is Full of Hot Air Balloons

    [LA] The Scene: The Weekend is Full of Hot Air Balloons
    Hot air balloons and wine in Temecula, Stars Wars at the Hollywood Bowl and bikes along the LA River.
    (Published Friday, June 3, 2011)

    ART ALIVE: It's not every day one meets a happy horde of candy-bright, huge-eyed ChouChous in person. Or would that be not in person but in ChouChou? The Gary Baseman creations will be kicking off ARTWALK in Culver City. They'll be on hand -- is that what ChouChou has exactly, a hand? Or is it more of a mitten? -- at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 4.