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Weekend: The Grammys, Amateur Chef Casting Call

Stars, STAPLES, and songs. So. Many. Songs.



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    Mary J. Blige croons at the recent People's Choice Awards. Look for her duet with Andrea Bocellia at the Grammys on Sunday, January 31st.

    THE 52ND ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS: Everyone who watches is looking forward to something. Us? We want to see the Mary J. Blige/Andrea Bocelli duet, a coming-together that will raise money for Haiti relief. Other viewers watch for surprises, upsets, the little moments that go viral. It's on at 8PM on CBS on Sunday, January 31st.

    "MASTER CHEF": Is it urban legend that some news station asked random people on the street how their script was coming along, and nine out of ten people had an answer? We think just about as many people would love to be a TV chef. If that's you, this might be your moment. Gordon Ramsay is looking for amateur chefs for a new show.Sur La Table at Farmers Market, Sunday, January 31st.

    LOS LOBOS: Have you heard "Heigh Ho" from this legendary outfit's Disney album? Or "Bare Necessities"? It's a record that just feels so California. See the band on Saturday, January 30th at Royce Hall. We say never miss a great LA band playing in their hometown.

    ART DECO LECTURE: From American Cinematheque. The day will include discussion on the closure of the historic Regency Fairfax, which has making making headlines. Movies, buildings, history, and community spirit all coming together. Interested in one or all of those things? Get to The Egyptian on Saturday, January 30th at 4PM.

    '60s-'70s TITANS RULE: The Pink Floyd Experience returns on Friday, January 29th and Saturday, January 30th to the Orpheum. Prog mind journeys + Baroque'd-out theater=happy audience. And on Saturday, January 30th, KLOS Welcomes The Music of Led Zeppelin, complete with orchestra. We're feeling "Kashmir" in the solar plexus.