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Weekend: Welcome Back, Dinosaurs



    Weekend: Welcome Back, Dinosaurs
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    March 18, 2009: An adult Tyrannosaurs Rex robotic dinosaur performs for the media in London ahead of the European leg of the live show "Walking With Dinosaurs."

    WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: This is what happens when animatronic experts and paleontologists get together. Life-size dinosaurs will take over Staples Center Sept. 9-12 during "Walking With Dinosaurs." It's the theatrical production of the 1999 BBC series -- aka, the largest, most fearsome puppet show on earth. Cost: $25 to $88.50

    LA DERBY DOLLS: It's the LA Ri-Ettes against the Tucson Iron Curtain in a roller derby rumble Saturday at the Doll Factory in Echo Park. You've never seen the Derby Dolls? Read the rules (watch the elbows) of this full-contact sport before enjoying a spectacle of bone-crunching physicality. Tickets: $18 to $40. Location: The Doll Factory at 1910 Temple Street

    LOS ANGELES COUNTY FAIR: It's the second weekend of the fair, so you might have heard what you're missing if you didn't go last weekend. Yeah, yeah, we know it lasts a whole month, but those fried PB&J sandwiches won't eat themselves. You'll also find giant blocks of ice carved to look like LA landmarks. The fair's website offers a day planner because you can't do everything at once.

    TASTE OF SIERRA MADRE: It's not just about the food. The Taste of Sierra Madre at Kersting Court is about everything Sierra Madre -- local fine arts, dramatic arts, musical arts, and -- of course -- culinary arts. The inaugural event raises awareness and money for the Sierra Madre Youth Activity Center and the Rotaplast Foundation, which serves children and adults who need cleft palate surgery. When: Saturday. Cost: $20 general admission.

    Weekend: Walking With Dinos, Rolling With the Derby Dolls

    [LA] Weekend: Walking With Dinos, Rolling With the Derby Dolls
    If you're brave, go Walking With the Dinosaurs or try some of the new fried fair food.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 10, 2010)

    TOSHIBA TALL SHIPS AT DANA POINT: There will be pirates. There will be sea chantey concerts. There will be scrimshaw artists. It's all you need for a tall ship festival. The Ocean Institute celebrates the 26th year of hosting the event. The most majestic part -- the Tall Ship and Great Schooner Parade -- is Friday.

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