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What You're Doing Today and Tonight: 1/6



    What You're Doing Today and Tonight: 1/6
    Hoping to find your inner ha-ha? The profs at bang. on Fairfax are ready to show you the laugh-it-up light...

    DID YOU RESOLVE TO BE FUNNIER? Improv classes seem to be pretty high up on a lot of wish lists, especially around this time of year. If you think you have a shot at "SNL"-y stardom down the road, bang. on Fairfax kicks off a new round of classes tonight. Feeling hilarious? Tuesday evenings starting January 6. 457 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles. 323-653-6886

    SPEAKING OF RESOLUTIONS: You've made a film, or you're going to, or you're thinking about it, or you had this one dream last night. But getting the word out is half the job -- or more. American Cinematheque hosts a special night devoted to helping aspiring filmmakers -- guess that's a goodly chunk of us around these parts -- get their stuff marketed. Tuesday, January 6, 7:30PM. The Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood. 323-466-3456

    "PLANET OF THE APES": Oh so quotable. Oh so classic. And that ending? Oh boy oh boy. The Skirball is screening the sci-fi masterpiece in honor of Darwin's 200th birthday on Tuesday, January 6, at 1:30PM. Bonus: it's free. 2701 N. Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles. 310-440-4500