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What You're Doing Today and Tonight: December 25



    What You're Doing Today and Tonight: December 25
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    Who's around this Christmas? The Whos are, at Universal Studios. The park is open for business on Christmas Day.

    HAVOO DORAY, HAVOO DORAY: We're not sure of the *exact* lyrics of the song the Whos sing down in Whoville, but when we think of the Grinch -- and we think of him often -- we tend to get that refrain stuck in our heads. Universal Studios, which is open today, is hosting a snowy, Seuss-y Grinchmas. But will the Grinch himself carve the roast beast? Probably. Thursday, December 25. 10AM-6PM. 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City.

    CHRISTMAS MOVIES WITH AN EDGE: Theaters have gotten a rep for staying open on Christmas -- guess it is all the overstuffed people looking for somewhere to avoid leftovers -- but rarely do the smaller screens keep the lights on. Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre is changing that with a naughty night devoted to holiday films and specials one rarely -- scratch that, never -- sees on television. Heartwarming? Maybe not. Hilarious? Certainly. Made for the kiddies? Oh no. Definitely not. Thursday, December 25, 8PM. $12. 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles. 323-655-2510

    HOTEL FEASTING: Eating out on Christmas in no longer considered decadent (and, bonus: no dishes/shooing guests out the door or missing popcorn strings from the tree nabbed by mischievous tots). Smeraldi's at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel is serving a sumptuous, all-out feast (506 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles; 213-624-1011), as is Shutters on the Beach (1 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica; 310-458-0030). Have a favorite hotel restaurant? They might also be planning a special something for the night; ring and see.