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What You're Doing Tonight: April 10th



    What You're Doing Tonight: April 10th
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    OK Go, never the shy ones about the extreme sartorial choices

    OK GO: Out of curiosity, we toodled by Youtube to revisit this band's uber-famous treadmill video (song title: "Here it Goes Again"), because we remember a particular friend watching it -- how many times? -- in the dozens, over and over, when the video was first released. The simple but exceedingly clever video has now tallied up over 45 *million* views on the site (closer to 46, if you want to really know) which is viralicious to the nth degree. But we like these modern-day, musically gifted jesters not just for their coolly choreographed video and stage work but for their alt-y, pop-y, feel-good tunes. That they have a strong streak of humor in a lot of what they do definitely doesn't hurt, either. Friday, April 10. House of BluesAnaheim, 1530 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim. 714-778-2583

    ALSO ON FRIDAY, APRIL 10: The Masters of Horror drive-in series continues at the Steve Allen with a screening of "Riding the Bullet"; Leonard Cohen first takes Manhattan, then Berlin, and then the Nokia Theatre (he's also performing on Saturday, April 11); and Dark Star Orchestra summons the vibes of Haight-Ashbury at El Rey.