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What You're Doing Tonight: Feb. 28



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    Guffaw at funny stuff from comedian Lisa Lampanelli at Club Nokia on Saturday, February 28

    LISA LAMPANELLI: How does one earn the memorable handle of "The Queen of Mean," comedian Lisa Lampanelli's well-known nickname? Probably in many different ways, but definitely by "going there" (and maybe even a few miles beyond "there," into the next town, and then even further). She's famous for saying what most people gloss over, or whisper, or avoid saying at all. And her loyal, loyal Lampanellians love her for it. The lady is also a Grammy nominee for comedy, and you know that's nothing to mess with. Saturday, February 28, 7PM. Club Nokia, 800 W. Olympic, Los Angeles

    "THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN": Full disclosure: We think director Terry Gilliam is one of the biggest, juiciest minds working in art today, and at any time over the last three decades. "Brazil" still haunts us, and this film, which features major sets, over-the-top effects and a mostly nude Uma Thurman (as Venus, natch) is just coming into its due. Yes, it had its well-documented budget issues, its starts and stops, but, in the end, "Munchausen" pleases the eye and tickles various outer reaches of the brain. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen. It plays in a double-feature with "The Lady Eve" at the New Beverly Cinema. Saturday, February 28. 7165 W. Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles. 323-938-4038