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What You're Doing Tonight: January 5



    What You're Doing Tonight: January 5
    Family-style dinner? It's a Monday night fave at Campanile. On the January 5 menu: savory coq au vin and chocolate souffle.

    FRIED OYSTERS? FRIED YOU BET: We're not *quite* out of the whole go-out-and-pig-out holiday spirit just yet, so this week's Monday night Campanile dinner not only appeals, but positively tantalizes. Coq au vin, fried oysters and sausages and a chocolate souffle are all on the family-style menu. 624 S. La Brea, Los Angeles. 323-938-1447

    EXOTIC DANCE WORKOUT: We'll fully 'fess up that our current search for ways to lose 10 (cough15cough) pounds is all about what activity amuses us. Ice skating. Hula hoop. Exotic dance. What, we're totally keeping the "lose weight" resolution, only we're keeping it unboring... Monday, January 5, 5:30PM. Heartbeat House, 3141 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles. 323-669-2821

    POST-HOLIDAYS HA-HA: Heading back to the office the Monday after a long weekend -- or week -- can sometimes be a drag. Putting a line-up of hilarious comics at the end of the day is the best solution. Catch The Mo' Betta Monday Special Event at The Improv and feel better -- or at least laughier -- about being back in the cubicle. Monday, January 5, 8PM. The Improv, 8162 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. 323-651-2583