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What You're Doing Tonight: March 17



    What You're Doing Tonight: March 17
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    Pints, pals, and a rousing, pub-wide cheer or two: St. Patrick's Day night in LA has Eire-ish picks aplenty.

    Whether it is March 17, or February 6, or October 10, it matters not: LA boasts some of the best, most authentic Irish pubs outside of the island itself. These cheerful taverns are open year-round, but, of course, come St. Patrick's Day, they're positively brimming with green-hatted revelers raising pints, chowing down on tasty fare and calling for songs.

    Prepare to wade into the crowds and join the conviviality at Molly Malone's and Tom Bergin's, both on Fairfax, one a bit north of Wilshire, one a bit south (and, with only a few blocks between them, these two cozy spots are close enough to walk between). And if beer's not your thing, Tom Bergin's is justly famous as being the House of Irish Coffee.

    The Irish Times on Motor Avenue dishs up ultra traditional Shepherd's Pie, while whiskey-licious Casey's Irish Bar & Grill downtown is opening at 7AM (!) for the holiday, with bagpipers and other shamrock-y touches to boot (note: Casey's is going cash only for the day).

    Toluca Lake mainstay Timmy Nolan's is pretty sportsy throughout the year, but expect its Irish side to truly shine with Guinness-y goodness. And Finn McCool's near the beach just feels like sitting in an old nook on some Dublin backstreet (this sense could be due to the gorgeous, woodsy bar actually coming from Ireland).