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What You're Doing Tonight: Nov. 25



    What You're Doing Tonight: Nov. 25
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    Travel to the dark side of the moon to see the Australian Pink Floyd Show? Nope, the concert is much closer. Eye the band at Gibson Amphitheatre, Tuesday, November 25.

    ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL: The orchestral, darkly cosmic sound of Pink Floyd carries on through the Australian Pink Floyd Show, a well-regarded tribute band that has been together for two decades. Laser-light touches and classic hits like "Comfortably Numb" make us wish we were there. Tuesday, November 25, 7:30PM doors. $10-$75. Gibson Amphitheatre, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City

    MMM, HOT BOWL OF SPICY YUM: With rain in the air, our minds immediately turn to warming foods that make us toasty and happy. Our vote for tonight? Chili with a big hunk of cornbread. Chili My Soul usually has about a dozen flavors which change daily and are rated from 1-10 for heat. Hopefully the Demon (rated: 10+, and they mean that plus sign) will be one of today's offerings... Chili My Soul, 4928 Balboa Boulevard, Encino. 818-981-2202.

    OR PERHAPS TACOS: Okay, now we can't quite decide. Tacos are tops as well, and Marix celebrates Taco Tuesday every week. We like the price -- a buck fifty per taco -- and the choice (soft or crispy, but we're feeling crispyish). We know, we should overindulge so close to Thanksgiving, but a couple of tacos won't hurt. Three tacos. Four. Maybe five? Marix Tex Mex Cafe, 1108 N. Flores Street, West Hollywood. 323-848-2458