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White Russians and Discussions

Raising a creamy cocktail to a great play.



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    Enjoy White Russians and Discussion at A Noise Within on Saturday, December 5th

    The after-play, with-the-actors chitchat is a staple of theaters everywhere. "How'd you prepare for the role"-type questions are asked, the thespians go into their motivations, and everyone departs with a richer knowledge of the play.

    Adding a cocktail to the mix is a newer development, or maybe a more infrequent addition. A Noise Within is pouring libations in connection with its staging of Dostoyevsky's dense and masterful "Crime and Punishment"; you likely read it in school, sans cocktails, and, we hope, were riveted.

    Return to that riveted vibe, over White Russians, when the cast of the play meets with the audience after the Saturday, December 5th performance in Glendale. A Noise Within is pouring the creamy cocktail, gratis.

    Dear other theater companies: Could this be a thing? "Our Town" followed by lemonade spritzers? "A Christmas Carol" with a post-reception built around wassail?