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Woody Guthrie Celebration

Triple Chicken Foot and other bands remember the music legend.



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    Triple Chicken Foot
    Triple Chicken Foot breaks out the bows and fiddles at the echoplex on Sunday, July 15. Why? It's all in celebration of Woody Guthrie.

    If you missed the Woody Guthrie Centennial Celebration at Club Nokia and the Grammy Museum back in the springtime, well. Surely you're probably a mite down about it. After all, Arlo Guthrie showed to pay tribute to his dearly missed balladeer father, a man who was a legend in both music and social change circles.

    As just about anyone in the arts or activism can tell you, it can be hard to become a legend in either. You have to have talent and fortitude and smarts and gumption. And Woody Guthrie certainly had a lot of all that.

    The celebration of his birth year continues, though, meaning if you did miss the week-long April party you've got another chance to remember the man: Woody Guthrie Concert Celebration, a free show at echoplex on Sunday, July 15, will continue to good vibes and spirit.

    Triple Chicken Foot and a caboodle of singers and bands are set to make beautiful music during the afternoon; plus vintage tees will be for sale and art and there will be people talking ideas and such. The late afternoon/evening hoedown gets going about 4 and ends at the reasonable hour of 9 p.m.

    The Sunday afternoon shindig that ends at reasonable hour? Can this be every weekend? It's a fine idea.

    Woody Guthrie, as you likely know, had many ties to Los Angeles, and to the neighborhood of Echo Park, so raising a fiddle and bow in his honor at echoplex feels apt. Oh, and Mr. Guthrie was born on July 14, so Woody Guthrie Concert Celebration truly is a birthday celebrations of sort. (Kudos to U Want to Go Go for the tip.)

    Our favorite bit of the event is the everybody-join-in sing-along of "This Land Is Your Land." When's the last time you jumped in on singing that with a bunch of neighborly strangers? Too long? See you at the Grand Ole Echo, friend.

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