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Year Not Rousing Enough Yet? "Stomp!" Can Help.



    Year Not Rousing Enough Yet? "Stomp!" Can Help.
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    "Stomp!" finds percussive joy in everyday objects, January 6-11 at Segerstrom Hall.

    Many people we know have some lingering issues with 2008 -- and we get that -- but we also believe it is time to move on. Something like "Stomp!" may help remedy some of the frustrations and pent-up feelings left from a disappointing year. Picture it, or, better yet, hear it: slamming, metal-y lids, shoe heels coming down hard 'n loud on the floor, long sticks clicking wildly.

    But this successful, highly percussive stage show isn't about anger or any bad feelings -- not at all. Instead, call it a madcap cacophony, a joyful noise, a shower of happy, aural confetti that falls about the ears and shoulders over one booming night. It's a hugely popular extravaganza that's traveled far and wide, but even if you've seen the show numerous times, this should have some surprises (including a pair of splashy new routines). We're most curious about how Zippo lighters will fit into the production, and, of course, the classic brooms. If only cleaning went so enthusiastically in our own house.

    The only question is how we fight the urge to drum on the seat -- and stranger -- in front of us throughout the show...

    January 6-11
    Segerstrom Hall at Orange County Performing Arts Center, 600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa