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Yo Ho Ho: D23 EXPO Excitement Builds

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    The D23 EXPO is headed for Anaheim Convention Center, September 10th-13th

    When an upcoming September event began to make headlines a few months back, people took note: a very big thing was about to have a very big gathering. Big reveals, big names, big big big. It may be a small world, after all, but this happening was approaching major-ness as quickly as a Space Mountain car leaves the station.

    Which is, like, blow-the-hair-back quick. But you know that.

    That big thing: Disney. The big gathering: the D23 EXPO. The big deal: It's a four-day convention for Disney fans. We know, you've been to a convention or two. But few you've seen have been quite as character-filled, as icon-laden, as history-rich as the one scheduled for the Anaheim Convention Center on September 10th-13th promises to be.

    Fresh details are out on the event, like: Models of famous attractions will be on the expo floor -- we ourselves would long to live in the Haunted Mansion -- specifically the ballroom -- maybe just for a week -- but we'll be happy to take a peek at all the landmarks of the parks. Some advanced animatronics will also be on display, as well as what's ahead for the redesign at Disney's California Adventure.

    If you're a fan, and want to meet other fans, and Disney legends, and see everything that's past and everything that's coming, clear that week after Labor Day, or at least a goodly part of it. Us? We just want to find the perfect, old-school, Mouseketeer-y sweater to sport around the convention center floor. Too warm for September in Orange County?