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Your Downtown Daytime St. Patrick's Day Party

So the parade is off. But there's still a downtown to-do.



    Your Downtown Daytime St. Patrick's Day Party
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    You can still celebrate St. Patrick's Day when the sun's out in downtown Los Angeles.

    There was just something, for a lot of Angelenos, about putting on a green shirt and green pants and green shoes and getting on the Metro and making for downtown on March 17.

    The big parade. The Pershing Square-based festivities. St. Patrick's Day, LA-style.

    But alas. You've heard. We hope you've heard. Please tell us you've heard. The parade is off for 2010. But there is still a downtown spot that'll start the free festivities at the early-ish hour of 11 a.m. (we say early-ish, because, of course, several of our high-spirited local taverns will be running the taps starting at sunrise).

    L.A. Live is the spot. The hours are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.; perhaps the boss'll allow a long lunch for St. Pat's. And the diversions are plentiful. Ken O'Malley & The Twilight Lords are headlining, there will be bagpipes, there will be antique autos, there will holiday-based happiness.

    The daytime party is free.

    There will also be a nighttime party at L.A. Live, with boxing matches, a beer garden, and more pleasures suited to those not heading right back to the office.