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Your Strawberry-Tini Could Obtain Glory

A tasty contest is on now. The prize? A cruise.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    The Berry Blast Off contest is on now; deadline is Friday, April 30.

    Stop, California Strawberry Festival! Stop.

    Just stop being so big and tasty and popular and foodie friendly. Just stop with the contests, like the one where a person could think up your newest poster and win a bunch of cash.

    Wait. Did we say "stop"? Um. We meant hooray! Hooray California Strawberry Festival! 

    The latest thing you're up to, besides planning for your mondo May 15-16, 2010 Oxnard-based extravaganza: Holding the Berry Blast Off, which is a cooking contest. And by "cooking" we mean "no cooking," although stoves/grills/fryers are allowed.

    The upshot? Competitors have to use strawberries. Not a shocker, really. From there, the competing berryists can make anything they please. Anything. Cocktails, dips, butters, entrees. Donuts? We said anything. Foams? Anything.

    Then there will be an Iron Chef-y type deal where finalists face off, berry y berry. And then the winner gets a cruise.


    Deadline for entering the contest, we should say, is Friday, April 30. There are rules, requirements, things to know, before the harried hulling begins.