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Yuletide by Night

The neon holiday cruises are back to fete nighttime noel.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Museum of Neon Art
    The Museum of Neon Art's Holiday Lights Neon Cruises will happen on Saturday, Dec. 18 and Sunday, Dec. 19.

    Is it a case of too much of a good thing?

    Sometimes we wonder. Our city has a lot of everything -- pretty much everything a city can have, really -- and neon signage is way up there. And we fear some locals may take our perennially lit-up nighttime a bit for granted.

    But come the holidays, nighttime lights take center stage, meaning that neon, too, can have its day -- or evening -- in the sun. Or moon? You follow. That's why the Museum of Neon Art's annual Holiday Light Neon Cruise, which is happening in 2010 on Saturday, Dec. 18 and Sunday, Dec. 19, is an especially popular outing. It combines two things: The glittery aspects of Christmas, and the neon that exists in our city year-round. One-two punch.

    Mmm, Christmas punch. Cloves and brandy. Mmm.

    There are only so many seats on the buses, of course, so we recommend moving on tickets if you're intrigued; price is $65 per person. And if you want to make the weekend before Dec. 25 especially festive, the museum is hosting an open house on the afternoon of Sunday, Dec. 19. Consider the easy-breezy shopping for your loved one who likes lights, and things that light up, and all things LED. Don't we all have that loved one?