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Zombie Camp

No craft time or sack races at this camp.



    Zombie Camp
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    A past Thrill the World zombie; learn how to teach other zombies the "Thriller" moves on Sunday, Aug. 15.

    Let's just all agree to call early August "practice Halloween time" here in Los Angeles.

    After all, that's when the theme parks start to do their auditioning and hiring for their big October shriek-a-thons. And that's when the "Thrill the World" movement begins to pick up steam. But do we mean "steam" here? Or rather a strange nighttime zombie fog?

    If you know your "Thriller," and we think you do, you know that every October thousands of people gather together at spots around the globe to zombie-up and get down to Michael Jackson's monster-filled monster hit. The 2010 date for Thrill the World, if you haven't already got it on your calendar, is Saturday, Oct. 23.

    But getting those hands-curled-up-in-the-air movements just right takes practice. That's where Zombie Camp, which is happening in Van Nuys on Sunday, Aug. 15, comes in. Zombie Camp teaches people to teach other people -- um, or, teaches zombies to teach other aspiring zombies -- how to get those "Thriller"-sweet jerks and slides down.

    Because while most zombies in popular culture are all a bit draggy and slow, they most certainly are not in "Thriller." Talk about the most stylish undead in history.

    There are actually loads of various Thrill the World-related doings ahead. If you're going to participate, we'd pore over the site. There could be some sort of disgusting zombie-like joke with "poring over a site" here, but we're choosing to be polite and not go there. At least for now. Gotta save the good stuff for October.