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Zumba, Wrestling, Fresh Fruit, Striptease

Lucha VaVOOM is at the Mayan for Cinco de Mayo.



    Zumba, Wrestling, Fresh Fruit, Striptease
    Lucha VaVOOM
    Lucha VaVOOM celebrates Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday, May 5 at the Mayan Theatre.

    The Lucha VaVOOM Cinco de Mayo show at the Mayan Theatre is one of the biggest shows of the year for lots of diehard Luchaians.

    How serious? It sells out in lickety-split fashion. Like, faster than it takes a grown man in spandex to fly over the ropes of a steamy ring. Because of all the Lucha extravaganzas during the year, and there are always too few, the Cinco show has a special, loving-the-luchadore vibe.

    The mysterious and lovely Michelle L'Amour will be there. Pinatas. Fresh fruit for sale. Tequila. Burlesque. And what's promised to be "the world's biggest Zumba dance!," complete with exclamation point.

    If you didn't get a ticket for the May 5 spectacular, we're now expecting you to do two things. One, mark May 5 on next year's calendar, but put a special asterisk a month or two before, to remind you about tickets. And two, snag yourself a seat for the next LA Lucha shows which are one June 24 and 25.