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The biggest names and voices on stage this week



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    Judging by the abs, there are at least six rock-solid reasons to check Usher out this week.

    The Breeders
    Mon. 11/17, The Wiltern
    Remember them? Just when you'd finally gotten 'Cannonball' out of your head after 15 years, Pixie-queen Kim Deal is here to put it right back in.

    The Misfits
    11/18, 8PM, House of BluesSunset Strip
    Even after thirty years, something about dressing like the undead, ripping hardcore riffs and head-banging in devil-locks just never gets old.

    11/19-20, 7:30PM, Club Nokia
    Now that the R&B party boy's settled down with a wife and kid, does he still have that thing? Lines like "I'll bag you like some groceries" say hell-yeah.

    Aretha Franklin
    11/21,  8PM, House of Blues Sunset Strip
    No explanation necessary. If you've never seen her, it's time.

    Celine Dion
    11/21, 8PM, Staples Center
    Will she pull the 'Titanic' card? Will she bust out the white pant-suit? Fingers crossed.

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    11/21, 8PM, Honda Center in Anaheim
    There's something comforting in knowing there are people out there who get the awesomeness of a band that exists only to totally glam-rock Christmas carols.

    K.D. Lang
    11/22, 8PM, Long Beach Terrace Theater
    Lang bucks labels all over the place with her eclectic musical style and enigmatic persona. What's never in question is that heart-breaking, liquid-silk voice.

    The Backstreet Boys
    11/23, 8PM, Hollywood Palladium
    Yes, they're grown men in a boy band, but 55 million record sales don't lie.