Explore Pico: Great Los Angeles Walk 2016

The free, love-upon-your-city strut'll stroll from Grand Hope Park to the ocean.

If you've ever found yourself going factoid-to-factoid with another film fan over your mutual favorite movie, you've likely felt your hackles rising as they dole out trivia point after trivia point.

Your hackles only rise, though, because you love your favorite movie best, and your favorite restaurant, and your favorite song. It's a charming human quirk, to want to be the biggest fan of something, but here's something even more charming: No one ever gets a case of the hackles when it comes to Los Angeles love.

Exhibit A: The Great Los Angeles Walk. The free, Saturday-before-Thanksgiving mega-stroll absolutely brims with some of our city's biggest fans, the sort of people who are awash with admiration for LA's taquerias and murals and palm trees and car washes and galleries and vibrant, we're-in-this-together hum.

The walk is back on Saturday, Nov. 19 for its 11th annual go-around, and Pico Boulevard will serve as this year's main thoroughfare. The meet-up spot? Make for Grand Hope Park at 9 a.m. (that's the green space next to FIDM, note, and not Grand Park near City Hall). 

The end point? You're looking at Santa Monica. The between-it-all good stuff? Oh so much: You'll stroll by the amazing abodes of Alvarado Terrace, the 20th Century Fox lot, and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (stopping by places for a snack is encouraged, so be sure to bring some food cash).

Doing the whole route? No need. Stroll a mile, or stroll the whole thing, but just line up your ride, or bus, or walk back, ahead of time. (Not required, the "ahead of time" part, but a truly solid idea.)

Michael Schneider, the blogger behind Franklin Avenue, began this whole meet-your-neighbors, get-some-air exercise back in 2006, and it has truly become an exercise in both meanings of the word.

Stretching a leg ahead of Thanksgiving's eating ways is always an excellent idea, but getting to know other Angelenos? That's an admirable exercise in community-strengthening, and primo socializing, and the friendly sharing of LA-based factoids.

Many a Southern California can speak to the history of Los Angeles, and its quirks, and its triumphs, and no hackles need be raised because a new pal knows more than you do on any particular local topic.

So get to know these pals on Nov. 19, and get to sharing all of your LA obsessions, as you cover a great swath of a great boulevard together on foot.

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