Explore the Marvelous Murals of Costa Mesa

Longing to connect with art right now while having a safe and socially distanced adventure? Go Costa Mesa.

Travel Costa Mesa

What to Know

  • Free to see
  • There are several around the heart of the city, including at Wahoo's and TeWinkle Park
  • Los Angeles is also home to world-famous murals, but California towns like Lompoc and Exeter are beloved for their behemoth outdoor art, too

So you call yourself a maven of murals, a real in-the-know expert when it comes to outdoor art.

Then you surely love Lompoc, one of the California noteworthy nexuses for large-of-scale, spectacular-of-vision artworks, the sort of exterior paintings that take up most of the side of a building.

Exeter? What a grand town. So grand that you always make a point to visit your favorite murals in the charming village, each and every time you make your way to the sequoias.

And the murals of Los Angeles are rightly famous, around the world, from Colette Miller's iconic angel wings to Eloy Torrez's "Pope of Broadway." Seeing them all would take several days, but what delightful and soul-enriching days those would be.

When, though, is the last time you've spent an afternoon in Costa Mesa, finding the fabulous, wall-spanning works of art that are synonymous with the sunshiny city?

There are plenty to discover, and discovering them now, in the summer of 2020, feels like an ideal, get-out-but-be-safe socially distanced art adventure.

And an adventure that is free, too, save the time and gas.

A drive around the heart of the city will bring you by a number of murals, including the cosmic canvas outside Wahoo's Fish Tacos and the bright, tile-like painting at TeWinkle Park.

Need inspiration as to what to look for? Travel Costa Mesa shared several sun-splashed, oh-so-uplifting murals on this page.

Ready to reconnect with some of your favorite murals around LA? Start here.

Does a day legging it around Lompoc, all to find expansive artworks, tempt? Here's the info. And you can admire several amazing murals around Exeter, too, all for free.

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