‘Extraordinary: Stan Lee': Starry Saban Soiree

Host Chris Hardwick, and a bevy of big guests, will pay tribute to the comic book legend.

Various superheroes and beefy villains can easily lift cars, toss bridges, and harness the energy of the sun, but there's one moment in a Marvel movie that's guaranteed to draw a collective gasp, or at least a knowing chuckle, from the audience: When Stan Lee appears briefly, and often cheekily, on the screen.

Because the comic book legend and pop culture king? He's as famous as his famous superheroic creations, or even more so.

And putting the co-creator of Spider-man alongside the Hulk or the Fantastic Four or Doctor Strange in a motion picture feels as right as assembling the perfect dream team to save the metropolis from whatever baddie is passing through.

Mr. Lee is the man of the hour, and the man of the night, at "Extraordinary: Stan Lee," a star-filled tribute scheduled to alight, with all the nimbleness of a man who can spin webs, at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, Aug. 22.

Nerdist impresario Chris Hardwick is hosting, while Lou Ferigno — the Hulk! — and Tom Bergeron and Todd McFarlane and Michael Rooker and Andy Signore and other creative people who make comic book stories are set to fête the icon.

The organizers of this summit of superheroes and fantastical characters? In-Theater Live and Agents of Mayhem, along with Stan Lee Collectibles.

If you've only ever seen Stan Lee make his classic cameo in a Marvel movie, but never had the chance to applaud him in person, this is a great evening to do so. And you don't even need to swing in, building-to-building, to gain entrance: Tickets start at $65, and may be ordered here.

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