Fa, La, Libations Arrive at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Peppermint Mocha is making a merry showing, but wait: A Cookie Butter Latte is on the libation-lovely list, too.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

What to Know

  • Available now through the holidays
  • Through Nov. 6, try any of the holiday menu beverages for $3 each (regular size); good from 2 p.m. to close
  • Flavors include Peppermint Mocha Latte and other classics

A tempting coffee beverage is a joy, a gift, and something special at any time of any day at any point of the year.

But if you're feeling a tad on the yawny side, either from catching election results, taking down the Halloween decorations, or already getting a jump on holiday prep, there are, of course, the potions and potables of early November.

We're talking about the holiday coffee beverages that return as soon as the jack o'lanterns of Oct. 31 are extinguished and the candy bags are empty.

And at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, a whole host of yuletide tastes just debuted, only two days into November, to up the early holiday cheer.

The Peppermint Mocha Latte, the minty major player of any Christmas coffee line-up, has returned, and it is available as an Ice Blended, too (and there's a cold brew version, yum).

The zingy taste is also a centerpoint of the Peppermint Hot Chocolate, a beverage that keeps it coffee-less, if you're simply in the mood for something creamy.

And the tempting Cookie Butter Latte?

Prepare for "... premium espresso combined with spice and brown sugar cookie notes to create the perfect sweet and spicy treat for the holidays."

A Winter Dream Tea Latte ("black tea, rooibos, sweet spices, and vanilla"), a line-up of gingerbread-kicky cookies, and Red Velvet Hot Cocoa also are adding "fa" to lots of people's "la, la, la."

And more "fa" and "la" in our worlds is always a good thing, even if it is still November.

And there's one more tasty twist to this Christmas-inspired tale: If you stop by your local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf from 2 p.m. to close through Nov. 6, you can enjoy any regular-sized holiday drink for three dollars.

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