Fall for Griffith Observatory's Equinox Talks

Head up the hill at local noon or sunset for some insight into what the coming of autumn (which officially happened overnight) means.

Mondays can't seem to shake their reputation as the ho-hum-iest of days.

But that changed up, on Sept. 23, in the wee hours of the morning, when fall arrived in the Northern Hemisphere.

Few fall fans were likely up and awake to welcome the new season, but be not blue, for Griffith Observatory will celebrate the orange season with not one but two free talks that delve into the science of a new season.

The first talk will talk place at local noon (nope, that's not noon-noon, as in 12 p.m.) at the Gottlieb Transit Corridor. The second informative chat? That happens around sunset, on the West Terrace.

Both equinox-oriented affairs will be "brief," but plan on leaving with some knowledge about what an equinox is exactly (it's no solstice), what that means for our days and nights, how the sun might change (or our perception of the sun), and other wondrous astronomical facts.

It's a marvelous way to de-Monday Monday, to give it some of the grandeur it so dearly needs, and to jump into the proverbial pile of leaves that's known as autumn.

And since few colorful leaves will be seen around Los Angeles for the next month or so, we Southern Californians require other rites of autumn.

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A Griffith Observatory swing-by feels quite fall-ish, in fact, even if there are no glowing pumpkins to be seen. There is a glowing sun to discuss, that is also orange-y, so let our nearest star serve as your temporary jack o'lantern for the first day of fall.

Update: Griffith Observatory is closed. Please visit the astronomical institution on Tuesday beginning at noon. The next seasonal talk will be held at the observatory on Saturday, Dec. 21, in honor of winter solstice.

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