Fall Sign: Sprinkles Pumpkin Cupcake Returns

'Tis the season for gourd-good goodies.

Those tried-and-true, year-in, year-out hallmarks of September?

They do have a way of returning, with precision and punctuality, along with the ninth month of the year. Sales on back-to-school items are wont to pop up around now, as are articles featuring tips on tailgating and football- and TV-themed parties.

As for the pumpkin, though? Let's be straight: The autumnal squash is the main star of September's start, thanks in large part to Starbucks and a not-so-little beverage phenomenon that goes by the handle PSL.

And while a Pumpkin Spice Latte, which rumor has it is soon to officially debut, may fulfill your pumpkin-based wishes on the beverage front, there's another pumpkin star in town. Sprinkles Cupcakes just revealed that the popular Pumpkin Cupcake is back, that moist 'n spicy creation that complements the other flavors of fall.

And, yes, "the other flavors of fall" are 89% comprised of other pumpkin-y eats and drinks, for the most part, to be quite honest.

And while the Sprinkles Pumpkin Cupcake is a limited-time special, as you might expect, that 2017 window of time isn't so limited: It's "...baking daily until November."

That makes sense, since November heralds the typical start of the peppermint drinks and desserts. (Though we're rooting for stuffing and gravy to one day enjoy some pre-Thanksgiving stardom, though perhaps stuffing cookies and gravy smoothies don't really have the same cachet as the traditional seasonal sweets.)

Need your Pumpkin Cupcake to go with your pumpkin lattes and milkshakes? Find it now at your local Sprinkles Cupcakes.

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