Fall Up at Original Farmers Market's Free Fest

Pettable animals, pie-eating contests, and hoedown happiness fill the historic landmark's annual harvest hoedown.

What to Know

  • Free
  • Oct. 13 and 14, 2018
  • Third & Fairfax

Tell a friend we've got a party to go to this weekend?

That's a pretty common bit of information to share.

Tell a friend that we've got a hoedown, though, and we're off to pet a goat, join a pie-eating contest, and clap along as a musician rocks the washboard?

Far rarer, all told, unless you happen to be a fan of the Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax, and you also happen to know that it is home to one of the oldest Fall Festivals around, and that this particular jamboree is as sweet and as old-timey and as spirit-lifting as larks come nowadays.

Oh yes: And this Fall Festival is also free.

But perhaps you're that rare bird, and, if so, chances are you are flying directly for the clocktower'd destination on Saturday, Oct. 13 and Sunday, Oct. 14. 

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For that's when this founded-in-the-'30s hoedown will summon the banjos and set out the pies for the "no-hands" pie-eating showdown.

Visitors will have the chance coo over goats, dance to twangy bands, cheer on the young'uns competing in "pedal-powered tractor pull competitions," and observe the making of various crafts, too.

Candy corn hole, pumpkin bowling, pumpkin decorating, and, yes, the R.I.P. ring toss add a happy Halloween sheen to the sunny day out.

In short? It's a homespun celebration that brims with the autumn-flavored sweetness city folk so often seek come this time of year.

As for the shopping end of the nostalgia-driven to-do? Look for the olive oil that's been pressed right there, and the fresh produce, and the oodles of goodies to buy and bite around the sizable public market. 

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