Fancy Fantasy Ferraris, for Free, in Old Pas

Do you fancy strolling by dozens of divine cars? Your dazzling day is nearly here.

What to Know

  • Sunday, April 22
  • Old Pasadena
  • Free

Finals time is coming up for many students, and, as is tradition, a number of complex math questions will appear on the tests.

Which leads us to this timely brain-tickler: How many fine Ferrari cars can fit along Colorado Boulevard?

We're not talking the full length of the celebrated boulevard — that would be a massive grouping of Ferraris, for sure — but rather the still sizable section located between Pasadena and Raymond Avenues. (That's three blocks, but then you know that.)

If you guessed in the neck of 150 cars, give or take, knowing that some space would need to be left around each vehicle, all to give each Ferrari a bit of room, and give those who'd like to admire each car an area to stroll around, you know your math, you know Old Pasadena, and you know Ferraris.

But did you know that a free event, as in a pay-nothing, soak-in-the-sun gathering, will be happening in that very spot on Sunday, April 22? Involving, as chance would have it, just over 150 Ferraris?

It's Concorso Ferrari, a spectacular that features "... the finest vintage and contemporary Ferraris," a group of highly elegant cars that shall line up judging (as well as for display purposes only, depending upon the vehicle). 

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Thirty Ferrari pros'll be on hand to judge the cars in ten categories, and while they examine, closely, at each work of wheel-rocking art? Visitors can saunter by "... vendors and sponsors specializing in exotic automotive styling, accessories, detailing, apparel, travel, and food..." will be nearby.

The hours for the event, which is overseen by the Ferrari Club of America, are 10 a.m. to 3 o'clock.

Concorso Ferrari is a true harbinger of summer, given that so many free car displays and concours-type events pop up around California when the weather grows warmer.

By the way, what is a grouping of Ferraris called? We'll go for "a glamor," which suits the splashy appearance of 150 shiny Ferraris lined up, all in one place.

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