Farmers Market, Gourmet Groceries, and a Great Giveaway

Everyone's favorite hangout is set to give away lots of fab food. Lots.

All sorts of unfair qualities are too-often applied to Angelenos by a world that thinks we spend the bulk of our days looking in the mirror and repeating a single word over and over: me.

That isn't true, of course -- far from it -- but we do think one tendency we're often accused of maybe possibly fits with our general citywide devotion to the Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax.

That tendency is smugness, which, again, Angelenos aren't, mostly, but. But. If ever you wanted to feel a tad smug, we say explore that feeling at Farmers Market. It's a place worth feeling a smidgen of smugness about. And isn't smugness the sense that you're onto something really good? And don't you feel that when you're at the market, drinking an inexpensive coffee and enjoying sunshine?

Your feelings are about to expand, too, when you hear that One of the Nicest Places in Los Angeles is throwing a Great Gourmet Grocery Giveaway. It's happening through May 8, and over $2500 in groceries will be given away. 

Top prize is $1500 worth of groceries AND one of the market's iconic green shopping carts (that's personalized just for you). Oh, yeah, you want one of those. Show it off when friends come over. We'd probably never use the cart again, for groceries, but rather display it as an art piece. Seriously.

Plus! Plus. Plus there are specials, too, going down. First up is that sugary sweetheart of a pastry palace, Short Cake, where every fancy coffee comes with a fancy foam doodle. Swing by the stand to see what the special is, and register for free groceries, through Feb. 6.

And look, no, we're not saying that you should become insufferable about your love of Farmers Market or exclude people from loving it, too. Or, worse yet, act like you discovered it first, which you did if you happened to buy produce from local farmers on that fabled corner in July of 1934.

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We're saying there could be an upside to smug when it comes to supporting our favorite longstanding places, right? If we feel a sense of pride, good pride, places last and, more than that, thrive. End of story.

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