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Elvis, RPattz Items Go to Auction

Look for costumes and personal effects aplenty.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Premiere Props
    This bracelet belonged to Elvis; it will be up for auction on Saturday, March 13 at Premiere Props

    Would you like to own a gold bracelet with three initials -- E.A.P. -- spelled out in diamonds?

    You might, if those are your initials, and you like gold and diamonds. And you really, really might, if you're a lifelong Elvis fan and collector of all things Elvisiana-based.

    If you're in the latter group, we're predicting you'll be at the huge pop culture auction Premiere Props is hosting on Saturday, March 13 at the company's giant El Segundo warehouse. There will be much Kingly goodness there -- the jewelry impresses, as does the Nudie Cohn jumpsuit -- not to mention Beatles items to boot.

    The words "Nudie Cohn jumpsuit" make us peaceful and happy.

    There will also be costumes worn by Robert Pattinson and Oscar winnerSandra Bullock in "Remember Me" and "The Blind Side," respectively, and a whole bunch of other sartorial findage from "The Road" and "The Book of Eli" and "Whip It."

    Robert Pattinson should bring back the Nudie Cohn jumpsuit look. Beautiful, spangly stuff, with pure heat. 

    If you can't make the March 13 auction, you can cruise the online catalog and pretend you're buying all the diamonds and costumes and famous-people wear. Because that's easy and fun during an especially hard day.