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    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    Stars and sartorial types check out the Suh-Tahn Spring 2009 fashion show at Smashbox Studios.

    It's hard to think spring with these chilly-ish temps (although it looks like the Santa Anas are back, sigh). Fashion Week, however, is unafraid to show a little shoulder and a bit of thigh. We may not make it to Smashbox Studios -- plus many events are open to those in the biz only, or by invite -- or one of the luminary-graced parties or openings this week, but we can definitely lust after the sparkly goods on display. We figure we'll see them in shop windows around town in pretty short order.

    We can also check out the daily headlines here, which is not quite as interesting as sitting alongside a catwalk, but still pretty cool and insider-y nonetheless.