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Hidden Dangers of Heels

Report says stilletos make women crime targets.



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    Love click-clacking your way down the street in sexy spikes? Think twice before you don your Manolo Blahniks. In LA, ladies in heels are prime targets for muggers.

    Damn you, Christian Louboutin! Apparently, high-heel-loving LA ladies are at greater risk for being mugged than those who wear more sensible shoes.

    According to the report, purse-snatchers figure it's harder to run away in stilettos, so they look for teetering fashionistas.

    Another thing that screams "rob me"? Carrying gobs of shopping bags. Not only is the loot alluring, but it's tough to bust a move when you're lugging 30 pounds of sweater sets.

    This is sad news for shop-a-holics (Victoria Beckham may as well have a target tattooed to her forehead). But it's great news for our bunions, and our wallets. So ladies, leave those cute little polka-dotted peep-toes at home. Better to be a fashion victim than a crime victim. But please -- no wearing Crocs, okay? That's a crime too.