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Los Angeles Fashion Week Opens

Spring collections are on display around the city.



    Los Angeles Fashion Week Opens
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    Oct. 16, 2008: A model walks the runway at Amelia Toro Spring 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held at Smashbox Studios in Culver City.

    When the spring looks come to New York, crimson leaves are typically fluttering down around the attendees as they leave (okay, we're not painting Manhattan to be some sort of New England farm town, but certainly in the parks). It must be quite the juxtaposition to see mid-thigh frocks on the runway and coats outside, but such is the nature of the half-year-ahead preview.

    But when the spring shows come to Los Angeles, it is fall, which means summer on the Los Angeles calendar. So the spring wear that journalists and fashionistas will be looking at and thinking about from Oct. 13-20, which just happens to be Los Angeles Fashion Week? The models could wear the togs outside, into the 80-degree weather, just fine, thank you very much.

    We mention journos and fashion industry people, because much of Fashion Week is industry-only. But we mention Fashion Week because clothes watchers are following the news, even if they're not sitting runway-side at the downtown- and Hollywood-based events.

    The Fashion Week site has tons of info, plus a few mentions of events that are ticketed or happening nearby, like Downtown Art Walk. You're likely to see a lot of people here for the shows in the galleries.

    Get the full rundown of everything, who is showing where and when, and what is open to the public, at the Fashion Week HQ.