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Fashion Twits: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup

    It's time again for Fashion Twits, a feature where we cull intriguing and/or delightfully mundane fashion world tweets for public perusal.


    @LATimesImage: "E-mails we won't be following up on: The limited-edition Johnny Cupcakes bikini. Sounds perfect for the muffin-top girl in your life."

    @bryanboy: "what is it with tipping culture in america? why can't everyone be like japan where tips are not only unexpected but also, often, refused."

    @wmag: "We just saw a preview of the new Prada and Miu Miu eyewear for fall. Very strong. Kind of makes you regret getting Lasik."

    @alexa_chung: "yes philip lim, yes. a studded bow bag for me to stash my secrets in? amaze. meeting then done. hoorah. xx"

    @WhitneyEVE: "Long day of filming! Good thing I just had yogurtland to fuel me up!"

    @ladygaga: "A poem for my fans: "in every minute of the day, the truth is that I'm dead, until I'm here on stage, with you, then I'm alive instead"-me"

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