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Booty Pop Buttwear We Can All Afford

Pricey celeb-fave boutique Kitson opens discount warehouse



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    Actress Tori Spelling is just one of the Hollywood stars who frequent Kitson for trendy duds and kooky toys. Now you can shop like a celebrity too at Kitson's discount warehouse on Robertson.

    What do you when you're a high-priced, label-happy boutique stuck in The New Great Depression recession?

    Open a warehouse store! Unlikely as it seems, trendy celeb-fave Kitson has opened men's and women's discount digs on Robertson. In another time, going low-rent might sully the gotta-have-it exclusivity Kitson's built its fan base on. But keeping your wallet on the DL is hip these days. Still, that doesn't mean you can't have your skinny jeans and afford them, too.

    Now you too, Paris and Lindsay, can experience the joy that is digging through piles of jeans to find that elusive pair of Sevens. Feel the hot rush of scoring a soft-as-lamb Michael Kors bag with a red line through the price tag. Justify those Booty Pop butt-boosting panties once rejected as frivolous. Join us, Kitson queens! When it comes to kitsch and disposable income, recession is the great equalizer.