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Ruby Slippers Galore: Dorothy Inspires Designers



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    Designers appear with Dorothys at the new "Wizard of Oz"-inspired exhibit at FIDM

    Thank you, "Wizard of Oz"; no, really, thank you. You just continue to give and give, some 70 years after your debut, which legend reports was less than sparkling.

    But you've only sparkled since, inspiring cartoons, sitcom tributes, Pink Floyd-y tie-in albums (maybe), and countless other pop-culture fizzes that burn brightly, but not quite as brightly as you. So it makes sense that students at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, in association with Warner Bros., would turn to you, with enthusiasm, when tasked to put new spins on Dorothy's ruby slippers.

    A full-on competition was held, in fact. And the resulting scarlet-hued shods are now on display at FIDM, along with baubles that pay pretty homage to the movie. Some are over the top; some flat-out gorgeous; all are ready for yellow-brick-road strutting, if a catwalk is unavailable.

    But like Dorothy's trip to Oz was brief, so must this exhibit be (sounds a bit more Yoda-ish than L. Frank Baum-y, but there you have it).  It's open through June 21 at FIDM downtown. And it is free, meaning more treats for your own Toto, or gingham dresses for you.