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Arnold Takes Wardrobe Shot at Maria

Schwarzenegger wears 'I survived Maria' shirt on bike ride



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    Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been shy to make a statement.

    Think Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost his sense of humor because of his divorce? Think again.

    The former California governor went for a bike ride Sunday wearing a t-shirt that appeared to mock his separation from his long time wife, Maria Shriver.

    Schwarzenegger donned bicycle shorts and a white t-shirt that read on the front "It's time" and on the back "survived Maria" and "2007-2010."

    In case the dates seem off, they don't mark the span Schwarzenegger was married to Shriver. Instead TMZ reports the shirt was made by Shriver's staff as a joke when the governor left the office.

    Her staff reportedly crossed out the 2007 and in pen wrote "1977," the year the couple began dating.

    Visit TMZ's website to see a picture of the actor-turned-governor wearing the shirt.