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Vintage is Boss and Boasts Longevity to Boot



    Vintage is Boss and Boasts Longevity to Boot
    Vintage Fashion Expo
    Lend your peepers panache at the Vintage Fashion Expo in Santa Monica, February 7-8.

    Vintage wear has always had its serious backers, but if anecdotal evidence is to be believed -- and we usually do, with anecdotal evidence -- then gently used clothing is finding takers who've never worn secondhand anything before in their lives. We'll thank the economy on that one, but perhaps also a growing sense of adventure and flair out there.

    But if you're thinking "secondhand" is threadbare/balding/torn/nubbly/ripped, then a stroll through the Vintage Fashion Expo in Santa Monica should change your mind. The goods there were worn atop heads and hips back in the '50s, '60s, and '70s -- though sometimes earlier and sometimes later -- and they are in really mint, or close to it, condition. Really.

    The exhibitors at this sartorial spectacular, which happens a few times a year at the Civic Auditorium, show everything from chapeaux to shorts (or ohhh, skorts) to purses to spectator pumps. Whether you lean Breck-girl, early-'70s fringe-y or pert-bob, full-skirted '40s, you can lean right into the right rack of clothing.

    But, as we were saying. In these times -- don't so many sentences start that way these days? -- we're looking for clothes that last. Haven't the items at the Expo already proven they can do that?

    Vintage Fashion Expo
    February 7-8
    Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 1855 Main St, Santa Monica